Saturday, 17 January 2015

Mercer Condos

Construction Update This condo tower is in the heart of the entertainment district on King West at John Street in downtown Toronto located on the transit line there's actually a street car that runs right down the street here picture right to the university subway line which connects to the young subway line across the street from the Ritz Carlton and Metro All Metro Hall is the building in which the city trying to that's a lot of it stated that ministration and business as well as the Toronto International Film Festival which is also across the street and the restaurant row and the heart of the entertainment district other nearby amenities and attractions include the Princess of Wales Theatre as well as the Royal Alexandra Theatre and the milestones and Scotiabank Theatre so there's a lot of theaters lot of entertainment lounges night clubs in the light that are in really close proximity to the heart of the downtown Toronto core you're close to basically everything so you don't need to go for far to go up on a lot of different attractions a lot of the Bible the city located very close proximity to these condos and apartments and you know you're right downtown Toronto so it's actually really awesome spot to check out a lot of the events in the city and you know see what's going on and see what else is happening in the city and see if these are things that might be of interest to you like restaurants and nightclubs lounges bars boutiques music dancing place theater everything that you want to do all located really close by John Street King Street West downtown Toronto so.

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