Saturday, 17 January 2015

Mercer Condos

Mercer Condos - Toronto Entertainment District Mercer condos are located in the heart of the entertainment district of Toronto or actually across the street from the Princess of Wales Royal Alexandra and the Toronto International Film Festival tower head f*** with proximity to the restaurant row on King Street West as well as the theater is the night clubs in the downtown entertainment district at the cross the street from the Metro Hall office tower where the City of Toronto does a lot of its business and its across the street from the Ritz Carlton Hotel as well as Wellington Street and John Street the entertainment street pretty close to Scotiabank Theatre milestones restaurant Jack Astors restaurant a lot of really hard eating and dining spots in this downtown core actually located very close to all of that plus if you can only be friends you can go down to Key West on Spadina and enjoy the amenities in that area of the city as well so you're actually pretty well located when you get a spot here whether you're looking for rental accommodation or Africando this is a pretty centrally located within the Toronto entertainment district

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