Saturday, 17 January 2015

Backstage Condo

Construction Update The backstage condo is being built by citizen developments Fernbrook homes and careful. Realty it is located beside BL tower which is a tower that it has an underground connection to buy a parking so the parking is a shirt parking lot located on young street next to Union Station bus terminal as well as Union Station itself which is like GO Transit commuter hub as well as the subway connection for the Young University Spadina line it's actually in close proximity to the Hockey Hall of Fame which is actually across the street there's a great views of the Harbourfront as well as the downtown core and it's actually pretty close as well to the Air Canada center which is across the street as well as Maple Leaf square real sports bar as well as Raptor games and maple leaf games as well as young street wear a lot of tourists come so if you're a tourist looking for a competition as might be a great spot actually located right next to be out our and it actually has really easy access by subway and or street car or bus depending on which method of transit you prefer and you actually have easy access to route the downtown or if you're at a comedy to hear great value for your money okay

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