Saturday, 17 January 2015

Harbourplaza Condos

Construction Update Harbour Plaza condos are located in the south or district of pronto that's lame close proximity to Union Station as well as GO Transit the Young University Spadina line that's really close to air Canada center Maple Leaf square well as other entertainment facilities in the downtown or connected by a path network to harbor for adults to the harbour square so I'll sleep quote. Right next to the one you are office tower which is being built right now connected to 10 your condo tower as well as to the air Canada center Maple Leaf square connected by a path to the Union Station as well as GO Transit the right near the harbour front and you're easy access this guide on easy access to the Metro Toronto Convention Center easy access to Ripley's Aquarium easy access to all of the events and happenings at the Air Canada Centre as well so you're actually pretty well located centrally located in the downtown core can any of those types of events if that was something you were looking to do right next to me or Canada Centre when there's any concerts there as well as the sky them in Rogers Center which is actually not too far as way and that you're right in the heart of

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