Sunday, 18 January 2015

Delta Hotel Southcore

Delta Hotel Southcore B Delta hotel felt core located in the heart of the financial district of Toronto in close proximity to Union Station as well as the Air Canada Centre and SkyDome actually on York Street Front Street and close proximity to the subway lines so you got the Young University subway line well as bi GO Transit commuter line which I actually all operate through the hub at Union Station this hotel is actually within one or two minute walk of Union Station through the network of Pat skywalk that connected to the subway station as well as B commuter rail Pub so it's actually really convenient or close to the harbour front door close to the Ripleys aquarium or close the SkyDome you're close to Rogers Centre your clothes there Canada Centre you're close to all of these great facilities there in walking distance to you as well as the downtown with an as well as great views a spacious accommodation all located centrally with in downtown Toronto giving you a great place to enjoy the city when you get into the court

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