Sunday, 18 January 2015

Delta Hotel Southcore

Delta Hotel Soco Restaurant The Delta hotel is a new hotel it's actually a brand new hotel located in downtown Toronto in the South Court District south of the financial district actually a pretty new relatively new development for the office towers hotel and residential apartment and condo towers located in close proximity to branner Avenue and Bremner Boulevard as well as York Street Bay Street and Union Station which gives you easy access to the go commuter line at that take you out into suburban Toronto actually pretty close to be a subway lines well Union Station and the subway lines Young University online which takes your north into downtown as well into suburban Toronto as well and in a very spacious accommodation great views of downtown Harbourfront close proximity to the SkyDome or Rogers Center it's also close to the Air Canada Centre as well as the CN Tower and the Ripleys aquarium so you have all of these major events in the facilities in very close proximity to this hotel.

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