Sunday, 18 January 2015

Delta Hotel Southcore

Delta Hotel - SoCo Restaurant B Delta hotel is actually located in close proximity to all of the amenities of downtown Toronto specially like SkyDome roger center of all these amenities are posed by Harbourfront Centre is actually pretty close Air Canada Centre as well as the Union Station commuter hub 50 C Union Station next to each other part of downtown by the path network as well as other amenities that are located close by so you're actually pretty centrally located if you want to watch a maple leaf game the Raptors you want to watch the Blue Jays if you want to watch sports in general concert everything is located relatively near by phone Bremner Boulevard right next to bring the tower so you're right country located perfect place to come into the city and enjoy all the things that you might want to do if you're doing a trip into the city weather for convention because the Metro Convention Center is awfully located nearby as well

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