Monday, 3 February 2014

Core Condos and YC Condo Set Sales Records for 2014

Core Condos
Toronto’s new condo sales have been in decline over the past year, but there may be some good news on the horizon with the release of new VIP units and massive sales weekends which have been recently reported. One of those projects is the massive Y/C Condo project by Canderel Stoneridge which saw some 75% of the units sell in one weekend. 

In addition the Core Condos Community which was released a mere 3 weeks ago, has already sold out. Quite amazing considering everyone is still trying to figure out when the Toronto real estate market is going to crash. Doesn’t look like it’s happening anytime soon.  Core condos is the latest of the niche boutique condos that has been marketed to real estate investors with the hope of renting the units out to Ryerson students, that will be going to university nearby. 

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