Monday, 3 February 2014

21e Arrondissement, in Vieux-Montréal Construction Commencing

21e Arrondissement dans Vieux-Montreal
Here we have the latest condo project in the great city of Montreal to begin construction. It is called 21e Arrondissement in Vieux-Montreal.

Montreal a city of great and vibrant urbanity is the classical North American city on Par with the greats such as New York City and Boston, which have a unique form from the early 17th century and dates back to their founding as colonial outposts in the New World. Montreal of late has become ground zero for the Canadian condo boom. It has taken off in Montreal after starting first in Vancouver, Toronto and then Calgary.

With this new development the urban vibe of Montreal expands into the next level, where it is both modern and stylish in the old world charm that has made Montreal famous across the land. These condo developments stress scale and materials, making those that wonder through the environment.

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