Monday, 3 February 2014

Edmontonian Condo Sets the New Standard For Luxury Living in Edmonton

Edmonton is home to the technical services sector which supplies the oil industry in Alberta with resources, materials, tech, and human capital. It is also the administrative centre of Alberta, which is the wealthiest province in Canada by a wide margin. Due to its growing wealth and size, Alberta has moved to the forefront of the development and construction boom which is occurring all over Canada. It’s to primary urban centres of Edmonton and Calgary lead Canada in all statistics of wealth and economics.

Due to this growing wealth that has been generated in Alberta we are seeing some of the fruits of this in tangible form with new highrise construction, the domain of the global mega cities of the world, the domain of the elite and the power. Now Edmonton and Calgary have joined this club and look to lead the Canadian scene in the construction of high end luxury condos. A few months ago plans were announced for what would be the tallest condo ever built in Canada. And this condo was proposed in Edmonton not Montreal or Vancouver as you might suspect.

The condo in question is called the Edmontonian and will rise an astounding 71 floors and reach some 278 meters tall. To put that in perspective, that is almost as tall as the tallest building period in Canada, which would be the First Canadian Place Tower in Toronto which is also the headquarters of the Bank of Montreal (better known as the BMO Financial Group) The Edmontonian will be the ultimate in luxury living yet unknown in Edmonton bringing a touch of Dubai to this great northern city on the edge of the frozen tundra, as it is the largest city this far north on the continent.

Edmonton is making a break from typical cookie cutter development that you see in other typical North American cities, it is forming a dense urban core where people live where they work. It is actually a leader in Canada when it comes to setting aside space for homes and businesses to be located within a limited zone which encourages walking, jogging and biking to work. This type of sustainable has become part of the motto of the city as other planned developments in the core make Edmonton the place to be, not only for the now, but also for the future. 

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