Saturday, 17 January 2015

ICE Condos

ICE Condos Me ice condo tower that actually a really good conduct our when powered 67 floors the other 57 for both the towers in combination you looking at over 200 meters each on both of these towers there really tall they have a really great do you over the gardener expressway so they make really great rental accommodation or if you're looking to buy a condo you know you can buy it here you're overlooking the gardener expressway on York Street you got the Air Canada center right next to you got the email police Square right next to you and got a long goes to which is right there give God the you know Union Station Francisco transit subway Yonge subway line is right there to cut the university subway line you also have the bus commuter hub there the gold transit hub there to God sky them got the Delta hotel. Metro Toronto Convention Center. Harbourfront so there's so many attractions Ripley's Aquarium like there's just too many attractions to name them all his ass a lot of stuff going on there you really can't even see the mall is just way too much to do here right in the heart of the city such a great place to set up shop if you're looking for a B&B or dare B&B location and this is my one of the best places to be where you got that access to all of these different amenities all these different spacious accommodation in such a closed area really tight right downtown South.

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