Saturday, 17 January 2015

ICE Condos

Construction Update The ice condo development it's a new condo development also almost complete in downtown Toronto one tower 67 floors very tall tower the other towers 57 floors and it's really tall they're both over 200 meters tall so there really tall towers and they're located on your street right next to the Union Station which is the main goal commuter transit hub in Toronto as well its a subway sub so that you can actually take the subway anywhere throw the city as well as they commuter bus hub so they have the bus is there as well located right next to the Air Canada Centre as well as the Maple Leaf square which of the real Sports Bar and Grill located near the CN Tower Theater is right next to it as well as the barium and other buildings there like to build a hotel brand new tower you have the Metro Toronto Convention Center you have Skype or Rogers Centre is right there so you've got a lot of amenities really close proximity to these towers as well as a lot of training and heavy real friends it easy proximity to the core tractions like the hall of fame as well as the Harbourfront right there at Lakeshore Queen ski in ski terminal so all these buildings are like really close proximity on top of all the entertainment facilities like the Ripleys aquarium like these guide on CN Tower and all of that as well

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