Friday, 2 January 2015

Foreign Ownership of Toronto Condo Market

Foreign ownership does not include those that have need money or invested money in country by purchasing real estate thereby getting a Canadian passport.

Because they do not live here but they aren't and technically newcomers to Canada and they also have eaten union password do  to their well this is because he Canadian investor program.

They may not live here, but aren't foreigners as they technically have a residence and a passport in Canada due to their wealth.

Anyone who follows real estate knows that this is laughable, there are so many ways to purchase real estate and avoid looking like foreign buyer.

In my view a Canadian is someone who's born here or has purchased a  passport or was fortunate to be born here but then goes back to China to earn a foreign buck.

In order to purchase real estate you should have to show at least 3 years of tax returns filed with the Canadian Revenue Service.

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