Monday, 28 October 2013

Green 8 Tower by Architects Agnieszka Preibisz and Peter Sandhaus

Architects Agnieszka Preibisz and Peter Sandhaus have proposed a conceptual skyscraper for Berlin with a twisted figure-of-eight structure that curves around elevated gardens and is held up by cables.

Curvy Towers Help Turn Mississauga Hayfield into a Downtown

Growing up: Curvy towers help Mississauga turn a hayfield into a downtown

Architects like creating big sexy things. And they like to do them in big sexy cities. So now that Mississauga arguably has the biggest sexiest pair of buildings in the world, it figures the rest of its downtown should follow.
“Mississauga is not Paris, yet,” says Attila Burka. His firm, Burka Architects, partnered to create Absolute World, often called the “Marilyn Monroe” towers because of their curving exteriors. The two skyscrapers have become the Eiffel Tower of Mississauga’s skyline.

They are joined by more than five dozen other highrises built in the city’s centre, where new residents are redefining Mississauga’s old identity as a sprawling bedroom community west of Toronto.
“Currently, our city centre is experiencing a type of development-renaissance,” says downtown Councillor Frank Dale. “The Absolute/Marilyn project was a key component of our growth, and has acted as a catalyst for further development in the City Centre district.”

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