Thursday, 13 December 2012

New Renderings Released For Menkes Harbour Plaza and 1 York Development

New Renderings Released For Menkes Harbour Plaza and 1 York Development

New renderings were released regarding the Harbour Plaza Mega Development at York and Lakeshore. The podium is a multi-level affair, and there is ample greenery on what is currently the highway offramp (Gardiner Expressway) which comes down onto York. It would really make the Harbourfront a more inviting place if this sneak peak rendering is true. Also note the skywalk which links the podium levels of Harbour Plaza to the Waterpark Place Development which is currently under construction by Oxford, and will soon be the new Canadian Headquarters for the Royal Bank of Canada.  There is slated to be retail in the podium units, and it would make sense, gauging on the foot traffic regularly seen on the path, and  on Bay Street between Southcore and Union Station. Union Station itself is in the midst of a massive redevelopment totalling over 1 Billion dollars, and will also include enhanced retailer services and improved ergonomics.  The historic Commissioners building is retained in it's current state. This is part of the adjoining lot called 60 Harbour. 

10 Tallest Buildings Under Construction in Toronto

Number 1 - A-u-ra Condo 273 Meters (Construction Updates)

Number 2 - One B-lo-or East 260 Meters (Construction Updates)

Number 3 - I-C-E Condo - Tower 2 Construction - 234 meters - 202 meters

Number 4 - L T-ow-er Construction Updates - 205 meters

Number 5 - I-C-E C-on-do - Tower 1 - Construction Update - 202 meters

Number 7 - Hu-llmark Co-rpo-rate Centre Construction Updates - 168 meters

Number 8 - Kar-ma Cond-os - (Shoring and Site Prep) - 165 meters

Number 9 - Wes-tlake Village Condos ( Under Construction) - 163

Number 10 - FI-VE C-ondos ( Construction Updates) - 161 meters

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