Thursday, 3 January 2019

Bangkok- Pattaya 2019

2018 Bangkok and Pattaya Trip

Connecting Flights in Taipei Taiwan, my usual transit point from Toronto to Thailand. 

couple more shots

My favorite restaurant in Bangkok. Will get a nice Thai Red Curry. Big bowl, then hit the Beet Bars, then night cap at Sugar Night Club. The best Hip Hop Club in the world!!! 

Thai Red Curry

on the road..getting out of Bangkok


Driving around Thailand. New Truck. My friend from last year wanted to take me on a tour of Thailand last year, I ignored her calls, this time I let her take me on tour. I will post pictures in this update. She was so happy.

New Massage Lady Friend. She is located across the street from my hotel. She has the awesome name of Dream.

Some of my highway travel through eastern Thailand. This is Jometien and Najometien a little further south of Pattaya

Back in Pattaya, I relax at the bar with my friend.  She told me many rich black americans rappers and atheltes that come to Thailand love her thick curves. I appriciate also. All good.

Back on country tour. Pattaya beach.

Me at Big Buddha - Monument

At the Kiss Food and Drink

Tom Kha Kai 

Inside a Thai Market on Pattaya Thai. ( South Pattaya Rd)

Back at Jometien Beach at Sunset

with smoothies 

Currently at the Halfway point of my trip. 2 more weeks to go before I have to go back to Canada and Toronto. Beginning to miss hanging out aimlessly at Dundas Square and the Eaton Centre on Friday nights with my buddies.  

Today I went to Nakluea Beach. So Hot everyday here. Like its the hottest day in Toronto, is every day and night here.

Beach Road Coffee Break

Thai Street Food

One more week to go on my trip. Still have lots of partying to do. Gotta make it count because, I think my next trip will be Singapore and Cambodia. So no more Thailand for me. 

Picture from the top of Pratumak Hill, overlooking the city.

Jan 23rd another week or so and I come back to Canada. That sucks cause there is snow there. Would rather go to Cambodia.

From Jometien Beach 

Back in Bangkok now. A few scenes from around town today.

NaNa - Sukhumvit Intersection ( Main Nightlife Area) 

Ekkamai Mall Market

MBK Siam Center and Siam Paragon

Beach Road Girls. Be careful they latch onto you easy and will follow you everwhere. Buy them food and they will sleep in your hotel bed too. So.. like I say.. be careful.

Beach Road at Sunset

2018 Bangkok and Pattaya Trip

Luan Plywood


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