Thursday, 4 January 2018

Caltrane's Bangkok and Pattaya Adventures

Asoke and Terminal 21 Bangkok
Jan 3-4th 2018.
Just got into town fly in direct from Toronto with a layover in Taipei. 

Anyways, I was not prepared for the jungle like heat conditions here, its so hot, like a steaming jungle climate, never experienced anything like this before in Toronto or Canada. - Last time I was in the tropics, I can't even remember, but in the end it's a good feeling. 

I will be going down to Pattaya in under a week, as well as exploring all the big tourist spots in Bangkok. Tonight as its my first night and I will probably stick around Sukhumvit Soi 11 as that's where my hotel is. 

In the picture below is the grande centerpoint hotel and Terminal 21 shopping mall.

First night in Bangkok I stay at a short-time hotel on soi 15 on Sukhumvit. Place gets absolutely crazy at night, never seen anything like this is Canada, walk outside your hotel and you are mobbed by girls. A crazy, crazy experience to be sure. The legendary Sukhumvit Guard standing proud on the North side.

Jan 4th - Sukhumvit in the morning. The jungle is alive. - Set breakfast was ok too, only $4 Canadian dollars. You can see the BTS sky train in the photos. This picture is between Asoke and Nana stations.

Jan 5th - Bangkok Time. I roll down Soi 11 and and into the Grand Swiss Bangkok. When I walked in they upgraded me for free from the Superior to the Executive Suites. - This is "Winning , Bangkok Style!" - see the pictures below

Bangkok has me now!

My second night in Bangkok, I went to explore the commercial shopping district in Siam. I was looking for the MBK mall for electonics and watches. I also wanted to grab a bite to eat. I found you could get a very reasonably priced meal for around 2 dollars Canadian. From my perspective, this seems to be the most busy section of the city for young and smartly dresses Thais. The foreign people like myself seem to concentrate on Sukhumvit from Nana to Asoke.
3rd Night in Bangkok - Patpong.

So on this night i decided to venture to Bangkok's famous red-light district called Patpong. By the way the red-light district is intertwined with a vendor street market on all streets. So you have poll dancing on your sides and in the middle someone trying to sell you a gucci (or like gucci) bag or watch. I decided to venture into one of the go-go bars and ended up dancing with the mamasan. The girls there were super friendly and i enjoyed myself a lot. Damage was only $20 Canadian for a couple drinks for myself and 4 ladydrinks, I think??.

Came back home using thr Bangkok BTS system which ironically uses technology that was first developed in Toronto, and used first on the Scarborough Rapid Transit line which is currently being decomissioned for a proper subway.  The technology was also used in Vancouver on thr Skytrain system there.

Nana Plaza - Soi 4

At 1am tonight I decided to do a late night stroll down Sukhumvit to Soi 4/Nana, just because I was a bit bored and laiden with some big bills i need to dispose of. So what better way than drinks and ladydrinks in Bangkok's famous redlight district. Bar Girl was just questioning where I was from and asking questions about Canada. I told her Canada is very cold now. Deep Freeze - Jan 2018

Pattaya - Jan 8 2018

I arrived in Pattaya yesterday afternoon and had the oppourtinity to see the beautiful sunset and enjoy a stroll on the infamous Beach Road. - I also took a walk down Soi 8 and hung out with the bar girls there. Then I walked back down to Beach Road, heading to infamous Walking Street Area. But, beautiful girl on Beach road stop me, and then I never got to do my plans for the evening. Occupied till morning. Lol!

Beautiful Thai Lady

A beautiful Thai lady I met in central Pattaya has offered to take me on a tour of the outskirts of town today. However it is raining and im not sure it will work today. I may go to the mall instead, but we will see what happens. Her name is Kraw, her picture below.

Kraw, has been calling me non-stop for two days. I'm really trying to avoid her as she seems to want to tax me for my time with her. I'm trying to be nice, but I will hang out with her one time, check out the big Buddha, and Jometien Beach, Pratamak and then let her go. Not gonna let my vacation get messed up by chicks. Here are some of my photos from around town past few days. 

Today's adventures featured me heading up to Pratamak Hill / Look out and going to the coffee break truck located there. I also went to the Matilda Resturant for dinner. Had some drinks at my Hotel, then headed out to Walking Street. Went to a couple of clubs, Lucifer (too much industrial techno) and 808 (hip hop, more my style) Ended the night with a nightcap.

Jan 16th - 2018

Past few days have been a worldwind. A local girl that does Massage here has decided to camp out at my hotel room, uninvited, but i will not fight her because she is a good tour guide for me. So todays plans include heading back up and down Prathumak Hill to Jomtien Beach. Then north by baht bus to Nakula and North Pattaya. I will make a stop at Siam@Siam Hotel for cocktails and then back to downtown for dinner and party on Walking Street.

The view from the Siam@Siam Design Hotel in Pattaya

The Soi 6 Mistake

After hanging out at the Siam@Siam Design Hotel, I decided to to walk down Beach Road to central Pattaya where my hotel is located. So as i pass the A One Hotel , i notice some middle age women doing some in street arobics. So I stop to take a look, my eye wanders across the street to the world famous and notorious soi 6. So i make a challange
For myself to walk from the beach to 2nd road, without having any of the young girls there drag me into bar, or worst yet into one of the upstairs bedrooms. Anyways, I managed to get to second road ok, however, getting back to Beach Road was a bit more challenging. The most beautiful Thai girl (Her Name is Ning, and her photo is below)  got a hold of me and she dragged me into the Horny Bar. She got me a drink and started massaging my man parts and also put her hand in my pants. Then she kept asking me to go upstairs. Eventually, I relent and pay the 15 dollar bar fine, she takes me upstairs and drops to her knees and undresses me with her mouth. From beginning to end I felt like I was in a adult movie. An unreal experince.

Girls from Soi 6 - Ning (with pink headband) and her Friend in photo below

Emquatier Mall - Bangkok

A little different experince today, went to upmarket mall in Bangkok. But i notice many of the shops are empty of customers and have doors closed. Not too inviting, I guess they just wait for really super rich Thai/Chinese to come in and buy the place out, otherwise i am at a loss how they make money.

Random shots from around Bangkok and Pattaya 

Jan 22-24 2018

Bangkok is Hot 

My last few days in Bangkok and I have come to a realization. That is, Bangkok is hot!! Like really really hot, i dont know how to describe except for instance, imagine the hottest summer day you have ever experience, say in July or August and then add another 5 degrees on top of that and compound it with thick moist jungle humidity. Its actually not an understatement, its that hot. Its nothing I have experienced before. 


Hotel Massage Lady So when I got to Pattaya, there was a massage shop next to my Hotel, where girls would call me. There was a mean girl there who would give me the F-word when I turn her down for dirty Massage. Anyways for most of my time in Pattaya she camped out in my Hotel. So she ended up as my tour guide for much of my stay in Pattaya

New Caltrane Adventures to Begin.....

Looking forward to doing more travels in the South-East Asia region, I will keep you up to date with what I am up too down here, in the jungles. Gotta love the tropics.  Next Up Cambodia, Philippines, and Malaysia. 

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