Saturday, 17 January 2015

88 Scott Construction Update

Construction test out this Tower is located just a little bit east of the financial district of Toronto and this building offers people that work in the financial district easy access to downtown in their office is right on the subway it's actually right at King subway stop and it's at the corner of King Street and young street and you know you got it all the access to King Street West and all of the amenities plus access to the subway goes to university university as well as Ryerson lots of great restaurants Marche BCE places nearby other great restaurants and just go up the street to the Eaton Centre as well as Yonge and Dundas Square which is one of the main shopping districts of Toronto so you get all of that action it's right here right in the heart of the city I mean you can't beat it for location as well as amenities mortgage spacious apartments rental accommodation basically everything that you're looking for Update

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