Saturday, 11 January 2014

Yonge Street from 1901 - Traffic Jams from Back in the Day!

Too Funny, seems like traffic jams have been a way on Yonge Street since any of us has been born. Well the street is actually 400 years old cleared out of the dense forested areas of Toronto and trailed to the north as a war supply road to clear the province when it was settled by the British. The street is actually named after a British War Marshall whom was friends and mentored John Graves Simcoe, the Lt. Governor of Ontario. Yonge was apparently a student of the Great Roman War roads that would be used to supply troops and transport goods to the far reaches of the Roman Empire.

This picture from 113 years ago, shows the old Toronto Transit Vehicle stuck in traffic, just in case you thought things were better back in the good old days this picture reminds you otherwise.

This picture is from the government of Ontario Archives.

Excavation Begins on Icon Bay Halifax (Bedford) Nova Scotia

Word has spread online that the developer has received word from the developer that excavation has begun for Icon Bay Halifax, Office Condo Development. This 21 floor condo tower is going to be located across the way from the Fairview Container Terminal on the edge of the urban/suburban landscape of Halifax. 

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