Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Trips into Downtown From the 905 Suburban Region | Greater Toronto

What traffic patterns show the origin of work trips into Downtown Toronto (Planning District 1) with 109,000 work trips originating from the 905 suburban regions. Of those, probably close to 75,000 are taking the GO train and aren't going to be too affected by increased congestion.

The one thing to notice is that the number of work trips destined for Toronto in 2006 was 1,077,000 and that is less than the number of jobs in Toronto according to Statscan 2006 (1,249,000) The percentage of work trips originating from the 905 is highest in the outer boroughs (38%) followed by downtown (28%) and at last the inner city* (21%).

Not too surprising since the outer boroughs are fairly accessible by car from the 905, and downtown by transit (mainly GO), but the rest of the inner city isn't particularly accessible to the 905 by either. I would think that in addition to the demand for living close to downtown jobs, there would also be demand for locations that provide good access to suburban jobs.

Basically the area from Consumers Dr and Woodbine Ave to the East to Concord in the North and NE Mississauga to the West. Considering Jane-Finch, Rexdale and Malton are pretty much in the midst of all that I'm surprised they aren't more desirable.

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