Sunday, 19 January 2014

One Bloor Construction Update - January 2014

Was out in the cold the other day, and caught a picture of One Bloor from the northside. You can see the undulating curves of the podium seem to make a dramatic impact on the streetscape below. No other tower I can remember, being this large and this striking at this point in construction. One Bloor is being developed by Great Gulf, and will end up being 75 floors when it is completed. Total height will be about 247 meters, which will make it the second tallest pure condo in the city.

The property was previously in the hands of Bazis which had the bad fortune to cycle the project through the financial crisis and wasn't able to close on the land which was being underwritten by the Lehmann Brothers firm based in Manhattan, New York when the shit hit the fan so to speak. Eventually the property was sold as an asset sell off on Lehmann Brothers, and Great Gulf purchased the property, to start their own condo project. Started out as a 65 floor condo, then went to 70 floors, and finally 75 floors. The Bazis project was supposed to be anywhere from 80 to 90 floors if I recall correctly, with a total height of 282 meters.

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