Thursday, 16 January 2014

725 Grenville Office Development Pushes New Urban Trend in Vancouver

The new office development at 725 Granville Street with the Nordstorm Redevelopment and grand opening of a new store which will contain some 230,000 square feet of retail space will push the new urbanism that Vancouver has become famous for. A combined work, live, and play environment for senior management and executives to enjoy in the heart of the city.

According to Colin Scarlett, Senior Vice President and head of Colliers Law Firm Practice Group, "What's interesting about this move is that the vast majority of the market would observe this building and the characteristics of the space as ideal for technology-based, or, engineering firms - it is a divergence from, and atypical of a law firm building.

Miller Thomson made a bold move with this decision, by embracing the future and thinking about how they would evolve their organization. We think it's going to leave a lot of law firms wondering what Miller Thomson knows that they don't." With the 725 Granville Street space located one block north of the downtown Vancouver Court Houses, the new location is ideal for Miller Thomson.

Additionally, placing the team directly at the hub of the city and amenities, Miller Thomson will enjoy closer access to the business core and the creative centre of downtown Vancouver.

Excavation Begins on Icon Bay Halifax (Bedford) Nova Scotia

Word has spread online that the developer has received word from the developer that excavation has begun for Icon Bay Halifax, Office Condo Development. This 21 floor condo tower is going to be located across the way from the Fairview Container Terminal on the edge of the urban/suburban landscape of Halifax. 

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