Sunday, 15 December 2013

U Condos Toronto Construction Update - Bay and St. Mary's

U Condo Development - Construction Update from Bay and St. Mary's. From this update you can see that work has begun on the Live/Work/ Townhomes which will front onto Bay Street. Some people were concerned about homes fronting onto Bay, but I wasn't aware that they would be work/live units, which should create more animation on the street than if they were just solely townhomes.

 Project by Pemberton.

December Update

Development Name: U Condos  - Bay and St. Michael's College 
Development Address :St. Michael's College 
Development Type :Highrise - Tower - Skyscraper
Number of Floors: 55 Floors
Developer: Pemberton 
Architect : Architects Alliance 
Rendering : If Available 
Location: St. Michael's College 

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