Monday, 30 December 2013

Tridel Continues Work on the Ten York Condo Project in Toronto

Construction Underway at the 10 York Condo project by Tridel. This building is located at the corner of York and Harbour between Lakeshore and Harbour. When complete the building will be 68 to 69 floors tall when all penthouse levels and mechanicals are included in the development.

 The developer has promised a high quality building which will beam along the Toronto Skysline. It is actually right next to the Maple Leaf Square Condo project, and the Air Canada Centre. The Lanterra Development ICE Condos is actually directly to the north of this project.

Toronto is in the midst of a massive construction building boom and there are approximately 155 condo towers over 12 floors under construction in the city. Which is twice as many towers under construction as New York City, and more towers under construction in Toronto than the rest of Canada combined. So while the economy in general is not that great in Toronto the construction industry hasn't slowed down since the last market downturn in the early 1990's. And although people have been calling for a market crash of the Toronto condo market for some time, it has yet to materialize.

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