Monday, 28 October 2013

Sky City' in China will become the second tallest building at 2,749 feet - Listing of New Towers Under construction

China Plans To Build World's Tallest Skyscraper in 90 Days
Sky City Skyscraper Project: wikipedia
China Plans To Build World's Tallest Skyscraper in 90 Days

Amazing News out of China, is that they are planning on building the world's tallest skyscraper called "Sky City'' in just 90 days.

They plan on accomplishing this mission by using modules to support the speedy assembly techniques which will have to tower rise to an astonishing 838 meters. That would be record speed for the building, which in the imperial measure would be 2749 feet.

The building starts construction in January, and will rise 220 Storeys, of course all of us skyscraper fanatics will watch closely to see if these construction method can be applied to Toronto. For that to happen, it has to be a safe and reliable method, and can't come falling to the ground once the building has been put up. This is something people will be looking out for.

Here are some mock ups of the construction of the project.

The proposed tower, which is slated for construction in the city of Shangsha, in the Hunan province, will be developed by the Architectural Firm called: " Broad Sustainable Building". If completed on the current timetable, it will be the world's tallest building and completed in only 3 months.

The building will cost 4 billion dollars, and have 104 elevators, total floor space will be an amazing 13,000,000 square feet, or about 13 times bigger than your average 50 floor office skyscraper in North America.

Concerns raised by other architects are that the project, will not be stable or give enough time for the concrete and steel to settle, in addition to wind factors which may make the building unstable. The developer "Broad Sustainable Building" has never built a tower over 30 floors, so their competence is being called into question.

Still though,

This will become a building for the ages! So exciting, really, I can't wait to see if they can pull it off. 

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