Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Parliament St Data Centre at 43A Parliament St south of Front | Developer ; Bresler

Parliament St Data Centre at  43A Parliament St south of Front | Developer ;  Bresler

The owner of the Bresler lands had submitted a site plan application to the City for an asof- right data processing centre on his property.

As part of the expropriation process, City Council has directed staff to facilitate the relocation of this facility to the City Lands.

In order to construct the proposed data processing centre, the applicant requires that the Holding ("h") symbol be lifted from a portion of the site.

The King-Parliament Secondary Plan, in Section 10.11.8, allows the City to remove the Holding ("h") symbol to permit development of an individual site in the Regeneration Area, provided that: a. the site has been or will be provided with access and municipal services adequate to service the proposed development of the site; b. the development is consistent with the other provisions of this

Plan; c. subject to the removal of the Holding ("h") Symbol, the proposed development of the site is permitted by the Zoning By-law for the West Don Lands Regeneration Area; d. the site has been included in an Environmental

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