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Ernst & Young Tower/Richmond-Adelaide III Concourse Building Financial District 100 Adelaide West Developer is Oxford properties

Ernst & Young Tower/Richmond-Adelaide III Concourse Building Financial District

100 Adelaide - Tenants Move Out.... (Is Construction Near?)

100 Adelaide (aka Richmond Adelaide 3) Construction Imminent

Seems as though Tenants are moving out of 100 Adelaide West, in preparation for what might be the construction of the 100 Adelaide Tower. (Office) There seems to be no official word on how tall the tower will be because there have been three renderings released. On top of that 3 office towers have started or will start within the year, including Bremner Tower, Waterpark Place, and Bay Adelaide 2. This means that securing tenants is probably getting tricker as each new building moves forward into the construction stage.

The Developer

The Developer is Oxford properties, the same company that runs the Royal Bank Plaza and they have been pushing this tower with square feet up to 900,000 in it's largest incarnation. Large open concept space in the heart of the financial district likely well suited to accounting, legal and banking or professional services companies that would value such a central location.

The Tower

The tower incoporates the hertiage Concourse building at the base, 2 of the 4 walls will be retained in the new tower. Discussion on internet boards, has centered on whether the entire historic building should be maintained or if the node to the past and intergration of it into the modern building is sufficient.
Launch Video for 100 Adelaide
Launch Video for 100 Adelaide

100 Adelaide West Developed by Oxford Properties will rise 44 floors from the heart of the Toronto Financial District. (200 meters approx.) The interconnected terraces, and patios are nice. This project is already somewhat completed as the courtyard area was finished about a month ago, athough work is continuing at the Richmond Adelaide Centre Office Complex and the new tower will require the current tenants at 100 Adelaide to be evicted before construction can commence here. The historic facade will be intergrated into the project. As I mentioned in a previous blog post, the Oxford Properties Group has announced that Ersnt and Young have signed up as the Lead Tenant for this project, so it is assumed construction will be beginnning shortly.

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