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88 Scott St. | 88 Scott - 40 Scott | 58 Floors | Concert | Page and Steele (P&S) - IBI Group | St. Lawrence Market

Development Name:  88 Scott St.
Development Address : 88 Scott - 40 Scott
Development Type : Highrise - Tower - Skyscraper
Number of Floors:  58 Floors 
Developer:  Concert
Architect :  Page and Steele (P&S)  - IBI Group
Rendering : If Available 
Location:  St. Lawrence Market 
Israeli Realtor: 
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חברות ניהול נכסים
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88 Scott St. | 88 Scott - 40 Scott | 58 Floors | Concert | Page and Steele (P&S) - IBI Group | St. Lawrence Market

88 Scott to Begin in April - Toronto Condo News
Toronto : Condo News For March 2, 2013-03-02

Here is some news from the condo front in Toronto, apparently the 88 Scott Building in downtown Toronto has reached 65% sales, and they are set to begin demolishing the existing building on the site, and hope to have the new tower under construction starting in April. The Tower at 88 Scott will Reach 58 floors and 204 meters. Looking forward to this project. The old building is massive and located at 40 Scott.

88 Scott is Now at 65% Sold

An insider over at UT has confirmed what we (or at least I) had already known about this project, and that is that sales have been pretty steady, if not stellar. Considering that most real estate experts in the Toronto Area, no believe the market is starting to tail down a bit, this is actually pretty good. There will be a lot of projects that will have to be postponed now that it seems, some of the international cash that has been funding the Toronto market is leaving town. Not to worry, there seems to be enough local interest in the properties in the core, to keep the market vibrant barring a complete collapse of the housing market or of the US Economy, whichever comes first.
Demolition Underway at 88 Scott Condo Site (Financial District)

Site Prep Beginning at 88 Scott – April 2013

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