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Toronto to Paris: Would Lowrise of 10 to 15 Floors Work

Toronto to Paris: Would Lowrise of 10 to 15 Floors Work Here in Toronto

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I've been wondering, if lowrise development, say 10 floors to about 15 floors, would work here in Toronto. Like they have in Paris. Currently in Toronto we do have a lowrise, built out area, although it is slowly and gradually being encroached on by highrise development. You all are probably familiar with the St. Lawrence Market District and Neighbourhood here in Toronto. This is a very popular living area for Toronto and it's dominated by low slung, buildings, and it has a great vibe. Would we want to duplicate this vibe in other parts of the city, even as we continue to build further highrise development. I understand that there are some people that wish to have exclusivly tall building development, and there are others that want exclusively low rise development, and then there are those that want no development at all. Known by their non du voyage, NIMBY's!

If you look at the St. Lawrence Market, you will see that there are projects there that have a mix of highrise and lowrise elements. Take a look at some of my pictures from throughout the summer and fall , and you'll see what I mean. Then once we've done that, let's take a look at what is perhaps the world's greatest city and what we can do to copy that style, or replicate that style of development here, but mixed with out own need to be unique, and have world leading highrise architecture to make landmark, and global impact beyond our narrow borders.

Here are some photos from the St. Lawrence Market:

Here is the new St. Lawrence North Market

Now here is Paris Low-Rise Development

Paris Skyline from Wikipeida

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