Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Toronto and The World Battle the Condo Boom!

Toronto and The World Battle the Condo Boom!

Toronto's Skyline has been racing towards the sky now for over 12 years, we thought perhaps 6 years ago that we were in the middle of a condo boom, but when there was no crash, things moved along as they had in the past, then 4 years ago, we thought for sure this must be a condo boom, and that it couldn't last, however the sky didn't fall the condo market didn't crash. So 3 years ago, for sure, we knew we had to be in a condo bubble, yet the cranes keep rising the towers keep soaring. Ok, so far the last time last year we thought for sure we are in a condo bust/bubble situation, and this is the last straw, if the condo market doesn't crash this time, there will be hell to pay.

Toronto continues, to draw 100,000 people from around the world, not just anybody mind you. The best of the best, even the Americans, and Albertans can't get them, and they're loathe to try. They don't have the resources and the capacity to catch us on our greatest skysward building boom of our time. It's causing grief for our city planners. What city do you know that fights to keep jobs out of it's core, what city do you know that fights tooth and nail to prevent development? What city fights to keep people from coming to it's community. All other cities and communities around the world, they beg for what Toronto has, they beg for our recession, they beg for our economic downturns, they beg for our condo crash. A City of Plenty for the Plenty, that's what I say. Let keep doing it, cause it's making people mad, and hey if they're mad, we must be doing something right.

Let the naysayers maintain the battle against, all the mega projects in Toronto, they will be the ones forced to take the refugees into their homes, when there is no place for them to rest at night. We for all the construction, have one of the lowest apartment vacancy rates on earth. How, How, you ask with all those cranes in the air, does Toronto not have enough spots for people to rent, people with means? People that choose to live her for purely economic reasons. So it is, with any successful city we must build more towers downtown, close to all amenties and economic prospoects to maintain our transit infastructure from those that would commute to the core. A perfect walkable city is aided in all cases, by sustainable highrise development in the core. It Must Continue For The Good of The City!

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