Monday, 17 December 2012

No210 Residences on Simcoe

No 210 Residences on Simcoe

This new project, is located between the Financial District on the Entertainment District on King Street West, in the heart of the Entertainment District. The tower will rise 19 floors off of St. Patrick, and 25 floors off of the Simcoe Street Frontage. The building will contain 300 apartment units. The project has been designed by Page and Steele.

King Street West is the new "It" Spot of Toronto due to it's mix of clubs and bars, it has happened organically, as the old club district between Richmond /Adelaide and then University and Spadina, has slowely been gutted and demolished to make way for new condo buildings. The push has moved the Entertainment District was along King Street, into a more high calibre affaire for the jet set young of Toronto.

Cooling Housing Market Seen As Healthy for Toronto Condos
As sales have declined from the historic highs of 2011, which as I have repeated on this blog was a record year for home and condo sales. So there was likely to be some pull back this year, and of course the doomsayers will jump on this as the Apocalypse heading our way.
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