Thursday, 6 December 2012

Massive New Towers Set to Begin Construction in Toronto

Massive New Towers Set to Begin Construction in Toronto

Bay Adelaide 2

There are a flood of New Towers Set to begin construction in Toronto over the next 3 to 4 months. Here is a listing of the towers beginning with those closest to construction. These are all massive towers over 200 meters or pretty darn close, so they will have a major impact on the skyline,. The developers of 88 Scott are ready to begin construction of their tower. They have already filed the application to demolish the historic base of the existing structure which will be used as the podium facade when the tower has been completed. Also beginning construction are Bay Adelaide 2, Harbourplaza, Residences, and Ten York. Massey Tower which has sold very well, could also begin construction in the spring, along with 100 Adelaide.

1. 88 Scott  - 205 meters
2. Bay Adelaide Centre 2 - 196 meters
3. Harbour Plaza Residences - 233 meters
4 Harbour Plaza Residences - 224
5 Ten York - 225 meters 
6. Massey Tower - 207 meters 
7 100 Adelaide West  - 200 meters
8 1 York at Harbour Plaza Residences - 174 meters 

Harbour Plaza Residences

Massey Tower

100 Adelaide 

88 Scott

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