Saturday, 1 December 2012

Dystopian Skylines of the Future (Toronto's One Possible Future)

Dystopian Skylines of the Future (Toronto's One Possible Future)

Toronto Skyscraper Listing

Hey, you can't be a skyline and skyscraper lover, without wondering what the future holds, long after me and you are dead. What will the Toronto of the Future, 100 years, 200 years, 300 years or even 400 years look like. Well What I have done here is to bring you some of the Dystopian Skylines of Movie Lore from some well known, and not so well known movies. Starting with the most recent movie that I have seen, which was Cloud Atlas. Just to warn you guys, man that is a damn, long movie, it was like 3 hours, sore asses will be had by all.

Anyways.. Take a look at some possible outcomes of hundreads of years of technological advance ment in the industrialized world.

Of course I'm not saying we won't have problems in the future. Drunk Drivers have always been a problem in our society. Here is one possible future solution.... to the problem

And then there is the classic Bladerunner Skyline of the Future. This is the movie that created the Dystopian Skyline, it created the Movie theme - "Tech Noir" - Other movies of this generation, included "The Terminator", "Cyborg", and "Robocop"  . Funny enough, if you remember, in "The Terminator" Movie, there is a club called "Tech Noir" that Sarah Connor hides out in when running from Kyle Reese and the Terminator.

Then, I've also been watching Continuum, which is a good show with Future skyline. This is actually a representation of the Future Vancouver Skyline, so to be fair, Toronto would never look like this in the Future, Toronto would be way better than Vancouver, in terms of Skyline. We own them.

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