Saturday, 24 November 2012

Cityzen Plans Mega Skyscraper Development On Strachan

Cityzen Mega Development on Strachan

Cityzen Developments along with Diamondcorp is planning a Mega Skyscraper Development on Strachan, that would include towers soaring almost 50 Storeys into the air. The development would be the largest of it's kind ever proposed in the area, and would like bring large volumes of people to an area of the city, that was once and currently is mainly a summer destination for natives. The project will be designed by Hariri Pontarini and consist of 5 buildings one of which will be 49 floors, the second tallest 35 floors and then two 29 floor towers.

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The plan as outlined by the City currently looks like this:

10, 11, 25 Ordnance Street and 45 Strachan Avenue (Diamondcorp/Cityzen,5 bldgs. 49s,35s,2x29s,23s, Hariri Pontarini)

This proposal is to redevelop the properties at 10, 11, 25 Ordnance Street and 45 Strachan
Avenue to permit two mixed-use base buildings with three residential towers with overall
heights of 49, 29 and 23 storeys. All buildings would have ground floor commercial uses
and a combined total of 1,109 residential units. A new public park is also proposed.

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