Saturday, 18 August 2012

Shangri-La Toronto is Glamour!

Shangri-La Toronto is Glamour!

from somemidtower at UT
Toronto is finally getting a taste of Glamour that has existed in other Global Canadian Cities before but not here. Montreal has had the Ritz, and Vancouver has had the Shangri-La. Toronto never was really know for Glitz and Glamour. I mean we build cars here and plastic tubing. What would we know about Glamour. Anyways, seems like the Global Rich are dying to give Toronto a try and see what life is like in a small Provincial town and capital of Ontario. Shangri-La is now becoming the rule and the exception it towers on University Avenue, over our provincial capital buildings, letting it be known that we are no government backwater town, but we are all about making money and enjoying life. This is our first taste of how the rich in Asia live as they bring their fancy hotel to our midwestern backwater city, linking us to our Global City Manifested Destiny. Shangri-la rises an amazing 67 floors and 214 meters above the city skyline it's folding glass an instant giveaway this is no ordinary building. It will house the new Mamafuko restaurant of James Cheng as well as other amenties and ballrooms. As well as a public artwork piece sitting front and centre on University Avenue.

Photo Credit to somemidtower at UT

Visit the site here:

Shangri-la will be open during the Toronto International Film Festival.

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