Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The One Mizrahi Development Yonge and Bloor

At the site of the old Stollery's location we have a new condo development in the heart of Toronto's fashionable Yorkville Shopping District. This condo developed by Sam Mizrahi will reach some 1045 feet tall or 318 meters making it the tallest building ever built in Canada taller than First Canadian Place (BMO) Tower and the proposed Mirvish Gehry Towers in the Entertainment District.

Yorkville gets top billing as the new downtown core of Toronto. Yorkville has all of the top shops in the city like Gucci and Prada Louis Vuitton Chanel Nike and all of the other high end stores so there is AB a store there as well there is likely going to be an Apple store in the neighborhood which is going to make it you no more desirable and its going to include luxury apartment rentals very large terrace balconies with planted trees so you have lots of greenery even on the highest level of the tower and the tower is going to reach at stories plus it will have an eighth floor podium full of the prime retail stores that you find in luxury European capitals like in Switzerland so this is definitely taking it to another level specially in Canada there's nothing else in this country that can even match Toronto right now in terms of building terms of luxury terms of money there's nothing that any other city has that to even touch this development stanley going to put her on another week maybe the same as New York or London or Paris definitely it has reached the big time in terms of development and we're building on par with any other city any other time right now building 200 towers in the City of Toronto and the surrounding area the GTA Greater Toronto Area and you know like 10 20 of those buildings are over 200 meters tall that are being built in Toronto so that let you know like this is huge diesel thought the bank towers built in the mall at the same time in like this notice so you can build like this in North America maybe New York can build about half this rate of Toronto but trying to bills like twice as much as New York and obviously we will overtake New York City at some time so its just goes to show that Toronto is growing even though their economy is not weak and money continues to flow into the city and they don't have oil but the money flows into the city the financial core banking core the diverse workforce the immigrants the money just keeps coming to Toronto even without oil you just destroying the rest of country.

This is the latest condo development to be built in the city and its going to be right now sold the land at then we'll be on his own with a hundred million dollars the cost to build a tower likely approach 500 to 600 million dollars it could even approach $1,000,000,000 no tower has ever been built in Canada cost 1 billion from construction to get go now I know that the Scotia Plaza tower in the financial district in downtown Toronto did sell recently for about 1.5 billion dollars but it did not cost 1.5 billion dollars to build a tower this tower could actually approach that finger and it is taller than any other tower in the city it's even told her an hour or tower which is built on young and Gerard and that tower is 272 meters tall so we're talking about you know Heights and cars that have never been seen in Canada before as it relates to the construction of a high-rise tower as it relates to the cost of a skyscraper at Yonge and Bloor the most important intersection in Toronto possibly the most important in a section in all of Canada it definitely is the crossroads with subway connection interior connections to parking and to shopping like Holt Renfrew Gucci Prada you know all of the high end stores are here Mel Blanc you know the cost louisvuitton every type of storage cold too many miles on Bloor Street highly landscape area very she she very rich very luxurious top of manatees cannot be beat location number one in Canada very wealthy and its been an error that's going to see a lot more development a lot more growth in the future.

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