Monday, 2 March 2015

One York

Construction Update

I took this picture heading down to work so late Shore harbour front area downtown Toronto so poor which is the best to growing area of the city a lot of new jobs new office towers its got good highway access soon I Street crossing through it which gives you access to the building that as well as access to the lake on the streets include like York Street Bay Street lakeshore Boulevard and queens key Boulevard so you got a lot of different access points and the highway crosses through the Celtic Warrior is the gardener you can actually see you in this picture I have actually be elevated highway that is running in the background between the skyscrapers in the building so the elevated highways actually got a lot of stuff they're being built underneath it so it's actually a really nice though you know what to see in the one of the no one of the blend works downtown Toronto its not a while like Glenmark but it w the one morning babe I always consider taking the gardener expressway down because it so I sort the cuts off to downtown from the lake so lot of people have been thinking about like bringing it down but anyways just wouldn't work building is actually going to be the headquarters of a couple of the pension funds actually help to build it as well as sunlight and someone says they're all old office is at university.

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