Monday, 2 March 2015

ICE Condo

Construction Update

So another update a BMI condo project which is awesome downtown in the South Korea for Ronald downtown Toronto so right by the gardener expressway and the by the SkyDome sexually between the SkyDome and we are Air Canada Centre and the sexually is the taller convert hours in the city I think the tallest tower is about two hundred and thirty six meters tall so it's actually one of the tallest buildings in the city and for residential building is going to be in the top five top residential buildings in the city after the Trump Tower Toronto and the Aurora come to tell her this is probably the third tallest tower in the AM in the city right now closers 12 hours coming up so mine up there for long but right now it's definitely up there as far as be tall is condo tower was built not only in Florida but I flee in the entire country and that located right you work through that printer Boulevard its at the heart of the local district in downtown Toronto on a lot of different developments are going on there a lot of the condos apartment building lots of different living.

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