Saturday, 7 February 2015

Toronto Entertainment District

Construction Update

This area was taken from a top the financial district and you can see all the tower is under construction here from the Queen in Richmond office complex Tower built by Allied read which is a real estate investment and income trust not only that but there's Picasso condos is the Bond Street condo development there's the Toronto International Film Festival condo tower development there is pinnacle on Adelaide condo development there is the studio condo apartment towers built by Aspen Ridge Homes which is a major condo developer in the city there's theater part is the Rogers Centre Air Canada Centre Roy Thomson Hall all of the access 2 Tranzit subway streetcar LRT it's all here centrally located entertainment district Plus on top of that night clubs restaurants and other lounges where you can entertain yourself on and on the evening the weekdays or on weekends Friday night Saturday nights this place is really crazy lots of clubs lots of things to do that actually one of the most jumping and exciting sports with in the City of Toronto.

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