Monday, 2 February 2015

Teahouse Condos at 501 Yonge Street

Lanterra released Rendering of the project

This project is located in the heart of downtown Toronto on young street actually located at 5:01 young street in downtown Toronto being built by lentera which is a large property development in the Ontario area the tower is going to be about 50 stories 175 meters going to have ground level cafe spacious accommodation for rental or purchase outright located right on the subway line so you have easy access to transit close to university in fact it's close to the University of Toronto as well as Ryerson University two of the leading universities in the city are located right with him step so if you have rental accommodation that you need close to the school then this might be one place to purchase or to rent a condo very close proximity to those universities and walking distance within 5 minutes for both of them actually.

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