Monday, 9 February 2015

30 Widmer - Toronto Entertainment District

Quadrangle Architect


Entertainment District Condos

This is a new condo in the Tronto entertainment district just out the screen is actually by Plaza Court and quadrangle Architects designed the building gone Adelaide near Richmond to in the heart of the club district entertainment district buddies Princess of Wales Theatre also the Toronto International Film Festival building and tower Eiffel Tower and it's also close to be up of Princess Royal Alexandra Theatre is well do you have different the powers that are nearby lots of shops and restaurants you actually have restaurant row which is on King Street West as a heads from John Street West to the diner pretty active district lots of nightclub lots of entertainment lounges wine bars and the light so it's actually pretty active lot of things to do especially on a Friday or Saturday night you. There's a lot of activity in this area so if you're looking for a rental building or condo building up and pulled off proximity to other payment then this will be the place.

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