Thursday, 29 January 2015

FIVE Condos

Construction Update

This is a restoration project and restoration of historic properties at the base of the condo tower in sky scraper and the property located on historic young street in downtown Toronto and they been refurbished to their original condition there located at the base of b5 condo tower project which is being built by Ma developments on developments has taken great care to restore the properties to the original state so that they look exactly as how they looked when they were built over a hundred years ago this property is become a landmark development which tolls what new developers can do with historic properties to maintain their integrity with ended very hustle and bustle of downtown Toronto so it's a great restoration and it's actually been well received throughout the area and I'm looking forward to seeing more of the development as it unfolds and seeing what it looks like one of the suites or the historic buildings are occupied by new tenants better running a business is out of them along with the sign is that they do effects to the store besides and so I guess we're looking forward to seeing that.

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