Monday, 19 January 2015

Bay Adelaide Centre

Construction Update

This is a building Bay Adelaide center actually took this picture from young street in downtown Toronto looking south towards the financial district on the side you can see the Eaton Centre and all of the people are walking down the street man the battle is hunter is one of the newest office towers to be built in the Toronto financial district it's actually one of the taller office towers built in the financial district so there might only be 10 office towers taller than in its pretty good considering how many office towers are in the financial district many of them skyscraper is very tall buildings and Toronto is known for this guy's papers in the tall building outside of Chicago New York its only Toronto that builders many skyscrapers of those two cities so you know you're looking at a very large financial district with a lot of office towers lot of building a deleted it going to be home to a lot of law that says and you know Cape KPMG is located there and other office towers as well as other law firms are located downtown as.

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