Saturday, 14 June 2014

Are Political and Global Risks a Threat to the Toronto Condo Market and Boom

There has been talk in recent weeks of the global instabilty in the middle east as well as in the Ukraine as countries battle on the diplomatic and military stage. Are these global and geo-political conflicts enough to bring down the Toronto Condo Market and Boom, which has been ongoing for about 10 years plus now.

 Many have said that the boom, will end and that low real estate pricing will return. However, we have yet to see this occur, mainly becuase of the lack of new house building oppourtunties in the surrounding GTA. Every bank will tell you why they believe the Toronto Condo Market is bound to slow down and reserve at some time, what I will continue to say is that so long as it is government policy to constrain sprawl in the GTA area, prices for all housing types will continue to rise.

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