Monday, 23 December 2013

Yorkville Redevelopment Goes Upscale with New Projects like One Bloor, Milan Residences and FIVE Condos

Yorkville Has Got Towering Ambition. New Projects like FIVE Condos and One Bloor look to change the dynamic which has existed in the area for decades.
Yorkville the 5th Avenue - Midtown of Toronto Has Towering Ambition

Yorkville is hitting a major growth spurt, just when everyone is saying that the Toronto condo market is doomed, there have been sales and construction success in the area to last a lifetime. Although to be honest, the sucess started small, and grew large. Very very large, I remember about 10 years ago, when things started to get rocking for the 18 Yorkville Condo. There was no render, just some rumours on the internet of a "Big Project" Starting. Trust me, at that time 36 Floors was considered a tall condo. Now of course a 36 tower in Toronto barely causes a fuss, unless it's at Ossington and Queen, but that's another storey. Here is my rundown of the last 10 years in Yorkville and the 10 Years to follow......

Older Towers - Yorkville :

150 Bloor Street
2 Bloor Street West
2 Bloor Street East
1001 Bay Street
44 Charles - Manulife Centre
1166 Bay Street

Completed Yorkville Towers:

18 Yorkville:
1 St. Thomas
Four Seasons Hotel and Residence
10 Bellair
The Prince Arthur
Bloor Street Redevelopment
Crystal Blu
155 Cumberland
Museum House - 206 Bloor Street
1121 / Eleven 21 Bay Street

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