Monday, 23 December 2013

Toronto City Council Recommends Downsizing Mirivish Gehry Proposal

Toronto’s planning department has made recommendations for the Mirvish+Gehry condo development proposed for King St. W. In a staff report released late Tuesday, the recommendations include scaled-down condo towers and preserving three of the four heritage buildings that would have been demolished to make way for world-renowned architect Frank Gehry’s design.

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• Dramatic changes coming to Toronto’s theatre district In a report, city staff expressed concerns over heritage conservation, as well as the overall density and scale of the development.

The planning department is expected to present the report to city council this week.

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The King West Proposal to be designed by World Famous Architech Frank Gehry in association with David Mirvish, plans to relaunch the Entertainment District and Theatre District with distintictive design through landmark buildings designed around cultural buildings of global significance. Components of the project include the following elements:

1. 88 Floor Condo design of texture by world famous Architect Frank Gehry
2. 88 Floor Condo building built around the Museum and Gallery space which will replace the exisitng warehouse structures running along King West between Simcoe annd John Street.
3. 90 Floor Condo Design by world famous Architect Frank Gehry.

These towers from all indications will meet or exceed Gehry's work in New York on the Beekman Tower which was also called New York by Gehry. The project, is the next step in the evolution of the Toronto building and design. A truely revolutionary development that will transform Toronto into the next phase of Cultural Importance

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