Friday, 15 November 2013

Westin Harbour Castle South - Downtown Toronto Harbourfront

Development Name:  Westin Harbour Castle
Development Address : Southcore 
Development Type : Highrise - Tower - Skyscraper
Stureture Type  Hotel 
Number of Floors:  37 Floors 
Architect :   
Rendering : If Available 
Location:  Toronto
Height 127 meters
Apartments and Condos Available

Westin Harbour Castle - Queens Quay

West in Harbour Castle - Harbourfront
Here is a picture from Monday of the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel on the Toronto Waterfront. Growing up for me this building use to be a Hilton. But some time ago, they swapped buildings and the Hilton Moved to Richmond and University and the Westin moved to the Harbour.
This buildings most unique external characteristics include its brutalist concrete exterior and it circular revolving restaurant component. The restaurant use to revolve many years ago, so I was told. But the repair work today would cost to much to justify.
Another unique feature of this building is the absolute hatred most Torontians seem to have for this tower. Tear it down, demolish it, they cry on the internet forums. You just can't win I guess.

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