Friday, 15 November 2013

Parade Condo in Cityplace at Bremner and Spadina

Development Name:  Parade
Development Address : Cityplace
Development Type : Highrise - Tower - Skyscraper
Stureture Type  Residential and Condo 
Number of Floors:  44 Floors 
Developer:  Concord Adex
Architect :  Page and Steele 
Rendering : If Available 
Location:  Toronto
Height 128 meters
Apartments and Condos Available

Parade Condo overlooking the Gardiner

Parade Condo overlooking the Gardiner.

Now that the skybridge has been installed, the Cityplace Development is really coming together. Not to long ago the entire area west of Spadina was a giant putting and driving range.
Now the development on the west side is almost complete with the exception of the government subsidized housing towers that have yet to be built.

Once complete I believe the potential of the area will come into full bloom, even before the addition of the schools, library and LRT line running down Bremner. Can't deny the facts, people want to live downtown.
Just my observation anyways....

29 Oct 2012
Parade Tower, Condo One is also under construction at this time. It and it's sister tower, and skybridge have now all been all but completed. After That, Harbourview Estates, N1, West One, all Cityplace developments begin ...

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