Friday, 15 November 2013

New Construction Project Planned For Niagara Falls with Condos and Apartments

Project Update November 2013 : Niagara Falls | Loretto Fallsview - Hotel and Tower

Niagra Falls | Loretto Fallsview - Hotel and Tower Development

Loretto Christian Life, the owners of a historic property in Niagara Falls, are seeking to have the approval of Niagara Falls City council, to construct three high rise towers on a 8 acre property site, which is currently the home of a century old school, and idealic park settings. The towers will range from the low end of just 32 floors, to a monster tower of 57 floors. The tower caught in between will be 42 floors. There would also be two smaller structures either of which could be hotel or condo residences by the falls. There will be preservation work to ensure the longivity of the historic structures.

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June 2013 Update

The Development portfolio package provides a cohesive planning approach and an accurate depiction which shows the development potential of this 7.5 acre site above the Niagara Falls Cataracts. 
The designs are in general conformance with the City of Niagara Falls Tourism Policy Review, Official Plan Amendment No.90 and Zoning By-Laws with respect to parking. The Master Plan proposal allows for 3 distinct building masses or sites, whose uses can change within the massing of the buildings provided.

Take a look at the rendering for this project:

Let's take a step back and watch as Niagara Falls, takes it to the next level of Skyscraper Construction:

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