Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Nautilus Condos Development in the Etobicoke Shores of Toronto

Development Name:  Nautilus
Development Address : Etobicoke Shores
Development Type : Highrise - Tower - Skyscraper
Number of Floors:  39 Floors 
Year Built  Built
Building Type  Residential 
Architect : 
Rendering : If Available 
Location:  Toronto
Height  130 meters
Apartment and Condo Rentals 

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Nautilus Condos on the Humber Bay Shores

Nautilus Condo

Toronto’s downtown core isn’t the only part of the city receiving a condominium ‘facelift,’ so to speak. Developers are also utilizing the impressive stretch of land that’s home to the lakeshore.  One such building is the Nautilus complex, overlooking the shores of Humber Bay, in Etobicoke.

Since being near water often evokes a sense of calm and relaxation (clearly), residents who will soon be moving in are sure to enjoy a more soothing approach to living at home.

To me, these condos would seem inviting to two very distinct, yet wonderful worlds. As a city dweller, I obviously thrive being as close to downtown as possible and have access to all of the amenities. But on the other hand, who doesn’t enjoy a quiet space to unwind in at the end of the day? And, I am a die hard for the beach. Which the lakefront isn’t exactly, but I’m sure the view would be close enough.

Rendering of Nautilus Condo

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